GDE AdmissionsGDE admissions placements 2025- Gauteng School Placements

GDE admissions placements 2025- Gauteng School Placements

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GDE admissions placements 2025- Gauteng School Placements GDE Placement means that students who have passed the GDE placement screening process and have obtained a GDE permit from the Gauteng Department of Education are admitted to school.

During this time, parents will receive location notifications via text message. Parents can accept applications for admission to any school they apply to, subject to availability.

Parents will be notified when an offer is not available. Parents are advised to accept any offers within 7 days and they will be ignored. The last bid received will override previous bids. Admission is granted to applicants who meet the requirements according to the admission criteria based on the capacity of each school to admit students.

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At the time of placement, in accordance with the admissions rules, priority will be given to applicants who live in the school’s catchment area close to the school. Second preference is given to seniors and applicants in 7th grade at nearby schools.

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How to check GDE placements 2025

Follow the few steps bellow to check the GDE School placements for the coming academic year

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Follow these steps to check GDE admissions placement online

Information about GDE admissions Placement will be updated on time through this website to make sure it can reach you sooner. The most important thing is to frequently visit this page for more updated details.

GDE How To Accept Learner Placement Offer

Once parents receive an offer from the department, they should visit the Gauteng online admission site

Confirm that the submission is final or accept and wait for other options.​

The department said that if the text messages indicate that a child has been placed in a school, then the placement is considered successful. These parents can accept an admission offer without visiting the admissions office.

GDE Placement of unplaced learners

According to the department, the placement of all students depends on the main placement criteria and the availability of places in each school.

Therefore, applicants who cannot stay at the school to which they have applied because the school is full will be offered a transfer to the nearest participating school where places are available.

A transfer acceptance letter is issued after confirmation that there is no place available at the school the parent is applying for. Parents and guardians who are offered a place at a school they did not apply for can choose to accept or decline the place.

However, if parents do not like the school their children are receiving, they have the option to file an objection. This objection process can be completed online and parents can object to a school placement.

If we offer a school that you did not apply for and think you do not need it, you must explain your reasons during the objection process.

If the objection is rejected, parents can contact the Ministry of Education MEC (Member of the Management Committee) who will reconsider the decision. Information about the objection process, as well as office locations and contact information, will be posted on all GDE social media platforms.


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