Exams ResultsNPSE Results 2024 -MBSSE How to check NPSE Exam Results

NPSE Results 2024 -MBSSE How to check NPSE Exam Results

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NPSE Results 2024 -MBSSE How to check NPSE Exam Results

NPSE Results 2024 -MBSSE How to check NPSE Exam Results The National Primary School Examination (NPSE) is a test given in various nations to determine how well primary school pupils are performing academically and whether they are ready to go to the next level of education. However, there can be regional variations in the NPSE’s framework and specifics.

For instance, in Sierra Leone, children in grade six take the NPSE, a national test. It evaluates their understanding and proficiency in areas including English, math, science, and social studies. In Sierra Leone, a student’s eligibility for secondary education is based on their NPSE results.


Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education

The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education adheres to the following values
People: Upholding the Constitution, being accountable to the Minister, the government and the people of Sierra Leone.
Excellence: Maintaining high standards of performance and professionalism by aiming for excellence in everything we do, including being fair, ethical and trustworthy in all that we do.
Teamwork: Cooperating with one another and with our partners in education in an open and supportive way to achieve shared goals.
Learning: Creating a learning organisation in which staff members seek and share knowledge and information while committing themselves to personal growth.
Innovation: Striving to address the training needs for high-quality service and seeking ways to achieve our goals.

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How to Check NPSE Results

You can check NPSE Results  by 2 ways as follows:-

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  • Online
  • SMS

Online Method

NPSE Results

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To check the NPSE (National Primary School Examination) results online , please follow these steps:

  • Open your preferred web browser and go to the official NPSE Result Checker website. You can access it by entering the following link in the address bar: https://www.waecsierra-leone.org/ResultChecker/
  • On the website, you will see an image displaying the NPSE Result 2023 online Checker.
  • Select the type of examination you took, such as “S S S C E” (Senior School Certificate Examination).
  • Enter your 10-digit Index Number, which is a unique identification number provided to you.
  • Choose the examination year, for example, .
  • Double-check that your Index Number and Examination Year are entered correctly to ensure accuracy.
  • Look for the Card Serial Number on the backside of your Scratch card, which is used for result verification. Enter this number in the designated field.
  • Locate the 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card and enter it in the appropriate field. The PIN is unique to each card and ensures security.
  • Click on the Submit button and wait for the results to be displayed. Please note that this may take a few minutes. Make sure your browser’s popup blocker is disabled to ensure the display appears in a popup window.

NPSE Results Via SMS

NPSE Results 2023 Check Here

To get your NPSE Result  via SMS, simply send a text message with the keyword “RESULT” to the number 468. This SMS service is available for users on the Orange and Africell networks.

By following these steps, you should be able to access your NPSE results .

MBSSE Grading System in Sierra Leone

Most Common

Grade Description Division US Grade
First Class Honours A
Second Class Honours Lower Division B
Third Class Honours B
Pass C
Second Class Honours Upper Division AB


Njala University

Grade Scale Grade Description US Grade
A 75.00 – 100.00 Excellent / 5 A
B 65.00 – 74.00 Good / 4 B
C 50.00 – 64.00 Fair / 3 C
D 40.00 – 49.00 Barely Passed / 2 D
E 30.00 – 39.00 Failing Grade / 1 F
F 0.00 – 29.00 Complete Fail / 0 F


University of Sierra Leone

Grade Scale Grade Description US Grade
A 70.00 – 100.00 A
B+ 60.00 – 69.00 B+
B 50.00 – 59.00 B
C+ 45.00 – 49.00 C+
C 40.00 – 44.00 C
D 35.00 – 39.00 Barely passing (Undergraduate); Failure (Graduate) D
E 30.00 – 34.00 Failure F
F 0.00 – 29.00 F


University of Sierra Leone with C-

Grade Scale US Grade
A 70.00 – 100.00 A
B+ 65.00 – 69.99 B+
B 60.00 – 64.99 B
B- 55.00 – 59.99 B-
C+ 50.00 – 54.99 C+
C 46.00 – 49.99 C
C- 40.00 – 45.99 C-
D 35.00 – 39.99 D
E 30.00 – 34.99 F
F 0.00 – 29.99 F

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