Exams ResultsPEP Results 2024 Grade 6,4 & 5 | Jamaica Primary Exit Profile...

PEP Results 2024 Grade 6,4 & 5 | Jamaica Primary Exit Profile Exam result placement score

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PEP Results 2024 Grade 6,4 & 5 | Jamaica Primary Exit Profile Exam result placement score

PEP Results 2024 Grade 6,4 & 5 | Jamaica Primary Exit Profile Exam result placement score Results of the Jamaica Primary Exit Profile Exam Check the release date for the PEP Results. how to access PEP results for all grades online.

The GSAT has been replaced as the national admission exam for secondary schools by PEP. At the conclusion of primary-level schooling, it aims to present a better and more thorough picture of students’ intellectual and critical-thinking ability.

PEP Results

In Jamaica, the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exam is given at the conclusion of Grade Six. Students that perform well are admitted to seven-year high schools. Twenty-five hundred and thirty-eight (20,538) ladies and forty-two thousand eight hundred and forty-six (42,846) male students registered to take the test last year.

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Parents of grade six students will get a new Student Summary Report with a standardised scaled description of their children’s achievement in all subject areas of the examination following the announcement of the PEP Results.

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When will the pep results come out 2024?

In general, the PEP results released in the month of June. Last year for the first time the Primary Exit Profile was administered over the period February, March and April 2019. The results were released by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information on (June).

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Expected date: The PEP Results Out by End of Third Week In June. Besides the Results of Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations for grades four and five will be made available to schools on September 13 and October 4, respectively.

The entire Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information commends our students on their work and sends its best wishes for ongoing academic success. Thus, the general public is given the assurance that we are making the proper progress in terms of preparing our kids for the future.

The mathematics and language arts courses for grade six are evaluated by a performance task. To finish a task, it calls for a variety of talents from the students. The grades students receive for the Performance Tasks and the grades they receive for the individual subject’s Curriculum-Based Test component will be added up to determine the subject’s overall success.

What is the purpose of PEP?

PEP serves several important purposes:

  • Measuring students’ readiness for grade 7.
  • Placing students in secondary schools based on their performance.
  • Providing accurate information about students’ knowledge, abilities, and skills in various subject areas.

How will each component of PEP be weighted?

The weighting for each component of PEP is as follows:

  • Ability Test: 30%
  • Curriculum-Based Test and Performance Tasks: 70%
That’s a total of 100% for the PEP assessment.

What time of year will each component of PEP be administered?

According to the Department of Education, the administration of PEP components is scheduled as follows:


  • Grade 6 Ability Test: Term 2
  • Grade 6 Performance Task: Term 1
  • Grade 6 Curriculum-Based Test: Term 3
  • Grade 5: Term 3
  • Grade 4: Term 3


How will my child be placed in a secondary school?

The placement mechanism for secondary schools will remain the same.

Students will have seven school choices, and their PEP results will be considered during the placement process.

How to check the results?

To check your child’s PEP results, you have two options:

  • Collect the results from the respective schools.
  • Seek assistance from your local schools on how to access the results online.
  • Open your favorite web browser and visit parents dpisonline website
  • the you can login with your details including username and password
  • then check Grade 6 PEP results 2023

If you don’t see your see your results then you can also check it at your school where you have write for your Grade 6 Exams, parents will be provided with a Student Summary Report on the performance of their child when the results are released to the schools.


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